An important part of energy meditation is grounding. In my psychic development classes, when we meditate, before we work with the chakras, we imagine a root going down from the base of our spines going down through the earth, branching out, and grasping onto the earth. We imagine the same for the soles of our feet. This is the process of grounding.

I’ve often been told in these classes that I need to be more grounded. I had thought I’d done well with my meditations until I learned about an exercise with chi often done in Aikido classes.

This exercise requires three people. One of the people is chosen as the subject. The other two people lift the subject by the arms, being careful to lift evenly, and then set the subject down. Then the subject imagines his energy lifting up toward the ceiling. When the subject lifted again, the lifters should notice that the subject seems lighter. The subject is set down again. Now the subject imagines roots from the base of his spine and the soles of his feet going down into the earth, branching out, and grabbing ahold of the earth. When the subject is lifted now, the lifters should notice that the subject seems heavier.

After reading about this exercise, I went to class. As we were going through the meditation and sinking our roots down deep into the earth, I noticed that I seemed heavier and more pressed into my seat. As I noticed this sensation and recalled the exercise, I realized that I was properly grounded.

On the way home after class, I have often imagined dragging these roots along the freeway as I drive.


 We had a very good class last night in Psychic Development. It was channeling night. Channeling, the way we do it, is something akin to controlled spirit possession. We are very careful to set the intent for only the highest entities, and we use “light” to create an environment where only those entities will enter.

The evening begins with our usual meditation of grounding and opening the chakras. For grounding, we imagine roots growing down from the base of the spine and the soles of the feet going deep into the ground, branching out and grasping Mother Earth. I’m going to say more about this in another entry because I want to share something I learned about the aura and its apparent weight.

During the meditation, we imagine pulling in green, gold, and white light, filling ourselves with it, and sending it out into the room. We set the intention that only entities of the highest vibration be allowed to enter. We say the light invocation: “We invoke the light of the Christ within. We are clear and perfect channels. Light is our guide.” Then we are ready to begin.

The person who wishes to channel then sits in the “hot seat.” A light is set shining into the face so those in the room can better see any physical transformations that take place during the channeling. (Yes, I have witnessed this.) The class instructor stands by helping the channeler by removing energy blocks and adjust her energy.

The first time I was in the hot seat, I felt a heaviness but didn’t get any further than that. This time I got further. I imagined myself reaching out to the instructor and leaving the body so that the entity could enter. I felt some sense of movement out and then the message, “Greetings!” I spoke this out. The instructor asked if the entity had a message. That was enough to pull me back in, and the experience was pretty much over.

Other members of the class were quite successful. One woman channeled Mother Earth and gave a message about how Mother Earth always gives us her energy and supports us and how we can send energy to her. Other unidentified entities gave messages about the essential Oneness of all entities. We received messages about the importance of enjoying life as we pursue our purpose. Another spoke on the gift of free will. All messages were rooted in love. There were no fear-based messages. We had plenty of time at the end of the meeting after all students who wanted to channel had their turns, so we encouraged the instructor to channel for us. It took a few moments because it had been some time since she’d done it herself, but she finally brought in the apostle Peter. It was a moving message.

The class was taught at the Learning Light Foundation by Anne Reith.

If you would like to see some channeled messages, here are two of my favorite sites for them: featuring channeling of Kryon by Lee Carroll and featuring channeling of The Group by Steve Rother.

Diet Tools

WeightControl.xls: This is the spreadsheet I use to track my weight. There’s a chart included that graphs out the progress. The dates don’t show properly on the chart, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix that. It does a nice job as it is. Somewhere along the way, I picked up a little fact saying that 1% of body weight was the ideal weight reduction for a week. That may not work out well for someone who has a LOT of weight to shed, but it seems right for someone who is moderately overweight. The spreadsheet uses that fact.

WeightWatchersPoints.xls: This spreadsheet can be used to keep track of points for a day. There’s also a page to calculate the points for a food based on information from the Nutrition Facts. There’s a multiplier for adjusting the portion size of that food in case one wants to eat a portion smaller or larger than that used in the Nutrition Facts.

Measurements.doc: I set up a little chart of measurements to be printed on a 6″x4″ index card. I thought this would be a good idea because I could have my workout partner at the gym help me take the measurements. The card is far more portable than a computer!

Living Cookbook: This is software for planning menus and printing grocery lists. Nutrition Facts for recipes can be calculated from an extensive database of ingredient information. Weight Watcher points can also be calculated. (Because Weight Watchers has a patent on the equation, Living Cookbook doesn’t set this up for you. You have to enter some parameters into the setup, but they tell you what parameters to use.) The program comes with a fairly good set of recipes built in, and it’s easy to add recipes found on the Internet by capturing them. I’ve got quite a collection built up now. I hardly ever open a cookbook anymore.

WWCalc Info: If you’re following the Weight Watchers program and you have a PDA running Palm OS, you’re going to want this! The link is to a Yahoo group where you can download WWCalc and find links to where databases of restaurant foods and the like to use with it. Real cool.

NutritionData’s Nutrition Facts Calorie Counter and These sites have Nutrition Facts for a wide variety of foods.

Theta Healing: The Experience

I decided that since I was interested in learning how to do Theta Healings, it would be a good idea to experience one. I called Brent Phillips and made an appointment. He can do distance healing, but I chose to see him in person because I wasn’t sure about how to do the muscle testing step at home.

On June 30 about 12:30 p.m., I showed up for my appointment. Since I had already read both of Vianna‘s books (Go Up And Seek God and Go Up and Work With God), I didn’t need much of an introduction to what we would be doing. Brent led me to a table where we would be doing the healings. He went and got a cup of water for me. Apparently, the muscle testing works best when one is well hydrated.

Before we could continue, we had to figure out which muscle testing method we would use to test yes/no questions. Brent did not want to use the method in which the arm is held out to the side and pushed down because he said it would be too tiring over the course of an hour. We checked out the standing method. In this method, the subject stands up straight. When a yes/no question is asked the subject will automatically lean forward for yes or lean backward for no. It didn’t seem this would work out for me because I tend to lean back a little in my standing pose anyway. It wasn’t comfortable for me to stand in the position that Brent said was straight. I asked Brent about using a pendulum. He said that this could work and that he had pendulums for just this purpose. He got out a wooden pendulum on a string for me to use. We tested yes and no, and it appeared that it was going to work out well for me.

At this point, I should briefly mention how Theta Healing works. When doing a healing in person, the healer and the patient will sit facing each other. Often the healer will ask the patient to put his hands into the healer’s hands. This is how Vianna teaches it, anyway. Brent prefers to sit off center and hold only one hand. The healer moves his consciousness above himself 3, 6, or 67 feet. He then invokes God and commands a healing. This moves the healer into theta brain waves. This is the brain state in which healing works best. The patient need only sit there. In the next step, the healer moves his consciousness into the patient and works with the part of the body that needs healing. When the healing is done, the healer removes his consciousness from the patient and imagines washing himself off. Then he returns to his own body.

So Brent and I were sitting at the table. He next did a quick scan of me using the method I just outlined. He then asked me what I wanted to work on. Since my husband had recently complained that I snored, I chose to work on insomnia and snoring.

The first steps of the healing seemed almost psychological. Brent asked me what it was that insomnia did for me. We eventually discovered that I had been robbed and murdered in my sleep in past lives. The pendulum confirmed this. Apparently I didn’t want to sleep because I didn’t want this to happen again! Brent asked for my permission to clear this thought. He then did the Theta Healing process to clear the thought. When the thought was tested again with the pendulum, it was cleared. The snoring was likewise part of this same dynamic.

Brent asked me if I had something else I wanted to work on. I decided on weight issues since that is something I am working on in one of my groups. We cleared a couple issues with respect to that. Apparently I had the thought embedded in me that greater weight meant greater power. There was also an issue of not wanting the extra attention from men that being slim tends to bring on. Both of these issues were cleared, and no other issues were detected.

We had just a little time left in the session. I mentioned allergies. Brent seemed to want to work on food allergies. Actually, I was more concerned about airborne allergies since I’d had a pretty rough time of it in Copenhagen while on vacation and still had a touch of a cough from it the day of the appointment. But I did have known food allergy problems, so we went ahead and worked on this.

At the end of the session, Brent had me put a hand in his and did a final scan, working on the physical issues related to what we had worked on. I actually felt something happening during this process. I felt sensations move down from my head and into my bowels. The sensations continued in the bowels for a few moments and then moved up to my throat and head. And then it was done. Brent asked me if I had felt anything. I told him I had and described as best I could what I felt. He said that was the order he had worked on me, so that pretty well confirmed to me that what I had felt was real.

Since the session, I have not snored. If I have had difficulty sleeping, there was a cause such as a pain or some other thing that had to be dealt with. I was not just laying awake all night as I’d often done before. Since the healing, my eating has been more controlled. It’s difficult to say whether I’ve had any help with the food allergies since I don’t really notice those types of difficulties much these days anyway. All in all, I would say that the session has been a success. When I have gone a month without snoring, I plan to send a testimonial to Brent to use on his website.

I’m planning to take Brent’s DNA 1-2 Seminar in October.

Seeing Auras

 I had a great time on vacation and still managed to study a bit on airplanes and during down time. I took a few books with me. Perhaps the one that got my best attention was Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field by Barbara Brennan. I especially enjoyed the sections on how to see the universal energy field and auras. I was in an airplane when I read the part about orgone and how to see it in the sky. I looked out the window and there it was, moving energetically about in a dizzying dance. I know I’ve seen it before, but I always thought it was something in my tears. Thinking about it, there was no way anything in my tears could have been moving as fast as what I saw.

I then read about the human aura. She described the various layers of the aura and their function. I looked up at the other passengers in the airplane. Again I found myself able to see. This time I saw a faint glow around the heads of the other passengers usually about an inch or two wide. In most cases it was white or faintly blue, but I also noticed a bit of pink around one woman.

I’ve seen auras before, but it was several years ago. I was making the effort then, having heard of them and being curious. I looked in a mirror and saw a thin magenta aura around me. In a bookstore, I saw a woman with a beautiful lemon yellow aura. And once while driving, I saw a man and a boy walking on the sidewalk. Around the boy, I saw a brilliant white aura. It startled me because I wasn’t expecting it. Since that time until reading the book, I hadn’t seen any auras. Fear must have shut down the ability during that time. Now I am again seeing the lower layers of the glow. I’m so thrilled!

Theta Healing

 It’s been an eventful month. I’ve attended a funeral and a wedding, both out of state. And now I’m preparing to go for a long vacation in Europe. I don’t think I’ll be posting much in the near future.

I did my Reiki II attunement last week. I was quite amazed to feel how much better I was sensing energy. I was able to sense the instructor’s hip difficulties. (I did a practice treatment on her.) Perhaps I’m better suited for healing work than for psychic readings.

In the course of my studies and readings for my weight control project, I came across a new spiritually oriented healing technique: Theta Healing. The technique is supposedly useful for physical ailments, DNA repair, and psychological work. I plan on taking a class in the use of the technique from Brent Phillips in the fall if the schedule doesn’t conflict with a vacation I’m taking. (He hasn’t scheduled the date yet.) Vianna Stibal, who developed the technique, has written two books about it: Go Up And Seek God and Go Up and Work With God. I’ve read them both. If you can only afford one of them, I recommend the second one. The material for the actual technique is included in both, plus the second one includes a couple of illustrations to illustrate key steps. The second book is thicker and also includes some information about the use of supplements.

She does address the topic of weight control in both the books. One thing she emphasized is that we should not speak of “weight loss.” Otherwise, we’ll want to “find” the weight again! The alternate terms I’ve seen used are “releasing weight,” “weight control,” or “weight reduction.” I would think any of these would work just fine. Mystics I know have a preference for the first one.


I had a beautiful experience while meditating last night. As part of my meditation, I went to a “safe” place. I decided to let my angels and guides decide where that might be. I found myself at Lourdes, France, the site where, in 1858, Bernadette Soubirous saw the visions of Mother Mary and received counsel from her. I saw myself as simultaneously at the grotto and in the chapel that sits on top of it. I felt joy for being in this place. No personage appeared with a message, but I think being in this place was a message in itself. This is a holy place and a place of healing.

I had been to Lourdes before on one of my trips to France. I made a pilgrimage there alone while my husband was occupied with other business. This is a place where the ill and infirm come to seek healing. The town sells rosaries and bottles in which to collect water from the grotto. The streets are filled with people in nursing uniforms pushing wheelchairs and even an occasional gurney toward the holy sites of the grotto and the chapel that sits above it. There are places near the grotto where these pilgrims can be bathed in the waters of the grotto.

While in Lourdes, I went to the grotto, collected a bit of the water in one of those souvenir bottles, and then went up to the chapel to say a rosary. I had brought my beads with me for just this purpose. I am not Catholic or officially even Christian, but I do believe in Christ, and this seemed like an appropriate thing to do in this holy place.

The “Kinesthetic” Body

 I’ve been playing Journey to Wild Divine and having a great time at it. This game uses biofeedback as part of its control system. One of the exercises within the game is done without the sensors, but it seems to have its own feedback.

The exercise starts out simply enough. The player is asked to raise and then lower his arm a few times, paying attention to the sensations of the movement. Then it starts getting interesting: the player is asked to raise and lower his “kinesthetic” arm, recreating the sensations of moving the physical arm. (What the game called “kinesthetic,” I would call “etheric” or “astral.”) So I moved my “kinesthetic” arm and was able to have some sensation of doing so. The player is then asked to do the same with the other arm. When that is done, to do the same with both arms. Then the player is told to raise the physical arms while leaving the “kinesthetic” arms by one’s side. Then the player is told to move the physical arms down while raising the “kinesthetic” arms and to continue moving the arms in opposition like this. The game’s instructor says that one might feel the arms crossing each other as they move. I must say, I was rather excited to discover that I did indeed feel a sense of increased electricity as the arms crossed paths.

While the game does not expressly say so, I would think that moving the “kinesthetic” body independently of the physical body like this is the beginning of an out-of-body experience, astral projection, or remote viewing. This is an exercise I want to continue working with to develop a greater sense of the “kinesthetic” movement and better imaging of it.

The Celestine Prophecy

 Friday I went to see a preview showing of The Celestine Prophecy at the Learning Light Foundation. I hadn’t read the book, so the story was all new to me. Actually, in my mind, the story isn’t the most important part. It’s the Insights that make it worth the while. The story is just a background for presenting them. I especially liked the parts of the movie where they depicted auras and the exchange of energy. This energy work is a lot of what we do at the Learning Light Foundation. It is fundamental to both psychic ability and energy healing.

So far, I am more feeling than visual when it comes to sensing an aura. Several years ago, I actually did see a couple of auras. I was working at doing so with intent once when I was at the bookstore. I saw a lady browsing the stacks. I saw around her an amazingly beautiful yellow glow. The other time I saw an aura, it was spontaneous. I was driving down the street when I saw a man and boy walking together. A brilliant white glow surrounded the boy. It just doesn’t do to have such spontaneous experiences while operating a motor vehicle! I was so startled by the experience that I haven’t seen an aura since. Perhaps it is time to try again. I think before I do, I would like to speak with my psychic development instructor about how to prevent being startled again by a spontaneous experience.

There’s another set of questions that has arisen from The Celestine Prophecy. I went online to see if I could find the Insights. (I knew they’d be there, and they were.) I found on an unofficial site mention of energy coming from food. My understanding of it was that the energy mentioned is what would best be called chi energy. It is the same type of subtle body energy that is responsible for the aura. To get more clarity about the reference, I went to the bookstore and found the section where this was discussed. According to the book, the energy is most efficiently assimulated when food is eating mindfully and with appreciation. Prayer or blessing of the food helps to prepare us to do this more effectively. My questions are:

  1. How does the assimilation of chi energy from our food relate to the problem of overeating and obesity?
  2. Do we overeat to compensate for inability to gather chi energy to us in other ways?
  3. If so, how can we improve our way of gathering chi so that we do not feel the need to overeat?

Actually, I think I have an idea what at least part of the answer to #3 might be. First For Women magazine had another one of those astounding headlines on its April 3, 2006, issue: “THE FAT JUST FALLS OFF.” This time the article was about a breathing exercise that is supposed to produce physiological changes condusive to weight loss. This is actually right in line with the energy-raising breathing taught in the game Journey to Wild Divine. (I’ll discuss the game in my next entry.)

The New Medicine

I was watching The New Medicine on PBS tonight and was struck with a strong feeling of THAT is what I want to do! The first hour of the show particularly appealed to me. I would like to be able to help people deal with the emotional and spiritual side of their illnesses. I was particularly impressed by the doctor who was helping a patient reduce his pain through guided meditation.

I still need to go the psychic route because I need to pay for the education to get the credentials to do the psychology work. The psychic work will be my bootstrapping to the next step. That was the plan all along. I wanted to earn money so that I could return to the University of Santa Monica and finish my master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology. Now I have a better idea of what I’d like to do with that degree.

Some may wonder why I don’t just fall back on my previous career to earn the money. I DO NOT want to be a computer programmer again. Well, maybe I would consider it as a support for the psychological work in a project directly related to it. Maybe. In the meantime I’d rather do the little pocket money jobs that I’m doing now to pay for the psychic development classes.

I have sitting downstairs a game that I have yet to install and try: The Journey to Wild Divine. It’s a computer game that teaches meditation and incorporates biofeedback. Tomorrow morning’s project will be to load it up and give it a try. I am so busy with my little pile of books, the Spiritual Weight Control project, and the Psychic Development classes at the Learning Light Foundation, but I think it’s all starting to come together now. I think maybe I’ve found a purpose, and I have an idea about how I will get there. Now if I could just pace myself a bit better…

This is such a nice change from the first entry in this blog, don’t you think?