Frequently Asked Questions

What does hypnosis feel like?

The hypnotic state is a very relaxed, alert conscious state. It is similar to the moment when you are almost asleep. While we may use the word “sleep” when talking about hypnosis, the subject is not truly asleep. He can still hear what is being said. We enter hypnosis naturally at least twice a day: once as we are waking up and again as we are falling asleep. If you have ever driven from point A to point B but couldn’t remember how you got there, you were likely in a state of hypnosis.

Do I have to believe in hypnosis for it to work?

No. Hypnosis is not faith healing. Hypnotherapy is based upon scientific principles which work whether or not we believe in them.

I’m not sure I can be hypnotized.

Almost everyone can be hypnotized if they are willing and do not resist. The only exception to this is those who do not have the mental capacity to imagine things as with someone with an extremely low IQ.

What if I get stuck in hypnosis?

You can’t get stuck in hypnosis. It is just a relaxed state of mind. Coming out of hypnosis is similar to waking up from a nap. You don’t get stuck in the sleep state, do you?

Will I lose control?

No, you will not lose control. Hypnotherapy is a consensual, cooperative process. Your morals and conscious will are still present. You won’t do anything in a hypnotic state that you would not find acceptable in your normal awake state. No one can hypnotize you against your will, and you can exit the hypnotic state anytime you wish.

Will I reveal something I don’t want to?

Hypnosis is not a “magic truth serum.” You will not say anything that you would not say in a normal waking state.

Will you make me cluck like a chicken or quack like a duck?

These types of suggestions are typical in a stage hypnosis routine for the purpose of entertainment. Hypnotherapy is not a form of entertainment; rather, it is a form of therapy designed to help you achieve your goals. There is no therapeutic reason to make you cluck like a chicken or quack like a duck; therefore, I would not tell you to do anything like that. And even if I did, you would not accept the suggestion if you didn’t want to.

What is the difference between hypnotherapy and psychotherapy?

A psychotherapist treats people who have been diagnosed with some type of mental illness, usually using some form of talk therapy. Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to address the habits of normal people wishing to improve their lives.

Is hypnosis medically approved?

Yes. Hypnosis has proven to be effective and has been approved by the American Medical Association since 1955. Medical Hypnosis is increasingly recognized as a powerful healing modality with applications in all fields of medicine.

Should I use hypnotherapy as an alternative to seeing my doctor?

No. Hypnotherapy is not an alternative to seeking proper medical care. Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy and should, where needed, be used in partnership with conventional medicine. Your physician’s training in diagnosis cannot be replaced by hypnotherapy.

How many sessions will it take?

The answer varies by individual. The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis has done studies on success rates after varying numbers of sessions and came up with the following:

  • Home study self-hypnosis : 2 – 5% success rate
  • Group hypnosis session: 2 – 5% success rate
  • Single individual session: 17 – 20% success rate
  • Three individual sessions: 45 – 50% success rate
  • Five or more individual sessions: 85 – 90% success rate

How effective is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a faster, more effective way than other conventional treatments to get results. A survey of psychotherapy literature by Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D. reported the following findings:

  • Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
  • Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
  • Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions

What is your cancellation policy?

Any appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at the normal session fee, as your therapist’s time and facilities will have been reserved for you.

What if I arrive late for my session?

If there is another client due for the following appointment, then the end time of the session will remain the same so that the next client’s appointment will start at the correct time. If there isn’t another client following, I will always try to be accommodating!