Open House at True Insight

Last night, I attended the open house at True Insight in El Segundo, California.  This intuitive learning, healing, and spiritual center teaches classes based on the curriculum at Berkeley Psychic Institute.  A hallmark of the methods taught here is the use of roses in meditations and readings.  The overall theme of schools teaching these methods is kindergarten because a playful attitude enhances intuitiveness.  Your comments on my blog encouraged me to renew my interest in this type of spiritual learning.  I love the topic, and I’m rather excited about it, actually.

We did a grounding cord meditation with golden sun.  In the grounding cord meditation, we imagined a hollow tube descending from the first chakra at the base of the tailbone where one sits going down to the center of the earth.  Through this, we imagined releasing energy and images down into the earth where it was neutralized.  This energy was that which was not ours, the energy of the experiences of the day that weighed upon us, and any other energy from experiences that we were ready to release.  After this, we imagined a golden sun above our heads containing our own positive energy gathered from places where we had left it.  We then imagined this energy flowing down into us and filling our bodies and our auras.  Everyone in the room related positive experiences and energy shifts.

After that, experienced students gave us healings.  In this, the healers walked around us manipulating our auras and helping us to release stuck energies.  It’s kind of like Reiki in that way, but the healees are seated with their eyes open.  Someone brought six-month-old twins with her.  It was funny watching the babies watch the healers as the healers waved their hands around.  They were so curious about what was going on.  I’m sure they don’t see adults behaving that way often!  From my perspective, it was a strange feeling to have someone manipulating my aura.  I definitely felt it in my energy field, and I felt some energy release as well.  After the hand waving portion of the healing, most of the healers shared information about pictures they had seen while doing the healing.  The healer who worked on me was the only one who did not do that.  I believe that was by design.  Since I had taken some classes here before, it stands to reason that the weakest reader would be assigned to me.

We then switched partners had intuitive readings, also from the advanced students.  My reader did a reasonable job of reading my pictures.  He read closed-eye, and I did not give feedback while he was reading.  The “hits” were at least close in all instances.  He tried to read my work, which must have confused him.  I do various things for work, and the environments are different.

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