Making Peace with Where You Are

I’ve been listening to Think and Get Slim: Natural Weight Loss by Esther and Jerry Hicks, the Teachings of Abraham. In one segment, it talks about making peace with where you are. “You don’t go to the gas station with your gas gauge on empty and just lay your head down on the steering wheel and sob. ‘It’s over. Look what I’ve come to.’ You do something about it. You just fill up your tank.”

As I was listening to this, I thought about how my children and I dealt with their bouts of leukemia. When my son was first diagnosed in 2000, I was upset for a few days. Then I decided that this was a situation that just was, and I made peace with it. From that point forward, my mindset was that this was something that we just do. We follow the directions that the doctor has given, and I would say, “my son is recovering from leukemia.” I made a point of not saying that my son “had” leukemia. I didn’t want him to own it. And so we went, day by day, following directions and saying he was recovering, and he did recover.

When my daughter was diagnosed last year, making peace with it came much more quickly for me. The problem this time was that her case for so unusual that it took a bit of time to find a doctor who had a plan for her. I told her that I wanted her to get to a point where she could say, “I am recovering from leukemia.” As soon as we found a doctor who had a plan for her, I told her, “Now you can say, ‘I am recovering from leukemia.’” She recovered, too.

I think this attitude of acceptance and expecting recovery helped my children to stay calm as they recovered. And this in turn helped them to recover.

While being overweight or obese is not so immediately life-threatening as leukemia, the same idea of making peace with where you are applies. There really is no need to panic or berate yourself if you are heavy. It’s just a matter of knowing where you are and having a plan for what to do to get where you want to go. This includes having a plan for the way you will eat and the type of activity you will do. Since you want to make peace with where you are, it is also important to be able to look in the mirror and see the best you. For this reason, it is important to dress in becoming clothes and groom yourself appropriately. Don’t wait until you have achieved your goal!

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